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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

What are advantages and disadvantages of hosting a major sports event?

There are many advantages and disadvantages of hosting a major sports event. Major sports event include the kinds of the first Youth Olympic Games that will be held in Singapore, Formula 1 races that are held yearly around the globe, and also the World Cup which is organized and hosted in South Africa once in every four years.

Why does South Africa want to host the World Cup at the expense of building five more new stadiums? Why is Singapore creating such a buzz by hosting the first Youth Olympic Games? Many effects are also analysed instead of the fact that there are more disadvantages than advantages. Advantages include the fact that there is more tourism and more income. Tourism is increased because many tourists from all around the world want to visit that particular country in order to see the participants going head-to-head with one another. Love to one’s country is also shown when non-fans of that sport also come together to support one’s country. As tourism is increased, the money that is spent in the country by the tourists is also increased. Business is also improved when tourists go around shopping. Then, there will be more money flowing around in the economy. In the end, our economy will improve and it will be boosted just by the larger amount of business and tourists. The country can also show the tourists what our country has to offer to them. This will make the tourists have a better impression of the country that there are visiting and spread the good word to their friends to travel here to visit. Therefore, in the end, tourism will be increased and our economy can be boosted, which are advantages as to why so many countries want to host major sports events.

As for the disadvantages of hosting such a sport event, such as the fact that money spent is of a large amount and the money spent may not guarantee a profit. When hosting a sport event, there will be a large amount of money that is needed to be spent to create the advertisements and also the usage and the construction of the locations that is needed for the hosting of the competitions. Also, there may not be much an increase in tourism probably due to the fact that the country is a third-world country and also probably because there is not much of tourists attractions to attract the tourists to the country. Also, due to an improvement in the current technology, the sports events can also be seen through television or through the World Wide Web.

Therefore, the disadvantages and advantages can be analysed and the advantages may not always be lesser than that of the advantages.

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